Some people on here remind me of that one kid in class who has to raise their hand every time the teacher messes up a word despite the fact everyone else knows what they meant. Like bitch you know damn well she didn’t mean SAGE 22 sit your ass down.

"am i getting hotter or just more confident?" a novel by me


Tomorrow we begin a month or “wake me up when September ends” posts despite no one listening to that song for about a decade

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i just heard a bouncing noise and then that was followed by my dad saying

"oh no my potato"

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overprotective parents raise the best liars.

but seriously, i mean i don´t even do bad things and i have to lie a lot


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i need 7 billion arms so i can punch everyone at once

So you want to punch all the babies, sick, elderly and coma patients? I see.

actually 2 billion of those punches were for you

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"Confidence is being able to say “Fuck you, I’m the shit” without opening your mouth, say it with your walk, with your smile, say it with your entire being."
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no offense but my favorite hobby is staying hydrated and beautiful 

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